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Chalart58 – Geomètric Dub

Band : Chalart58
Title : Geomètric Dub
Release Date : 16 de març de 2018
Catalog ref. : PR00038
  1. In a Bubble (feat. Matah)
  2. City Banger (feat. Brother Culture)
  3. Óxido
  4. Spine (feat. Culture Freeman)
  5. Spine dub (feat. Culture Freeman)
  6. Taco y Tequila (feat. Classy Horns)
  7. Me Life (feat. Paul Officer)
  8. Rojo
  9. If You Bring the Selection (feat. High Paw)
  10. Love Who Loves Me
  11. Dub és el Camí

Chalart58, main artist and producer

Matah, vocals (“In a Bubble”, “Dub és el Camí”)
Brother Culture, vocals (“City Banger”)
Willy Fuego, guitar (“City Banger”, “Taco y Tequila”, “Rojo”, “Dub és el Camí”)
Classy Horns, horns (“Óxido”, “Taco y Tequila”, “Rojo”)
Culture Freeman, vocals (“Spine”)
Albert Carrera, keyboard (“Taco y Tequila”, “Rojo”)
Paul Officer, vocals (“Me Life”)
High Paw, vocals (“If You Bring the Selection”)
Fermin Muguruza, samplers (“Dub és el Camí”)
Rapsus, samplers (“Dub és el Camí”)


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